Your Logo


We have supplied your new logo in various formats. The following description should guide you through how and when to use the various file formats of your logo design.
This contains the vector based logo which can be resized without causing the quality to change and can be modified through design software. This format can also be printed at a high quality and may be necessary for printed material.
This format has a clear background as a pose to the white background. This will allow you to overlay your logo over images. All PDF files should have a clear background too. This comes as a digital file (for online use), as well as a print file (for printing purposes).
This is a web quality version of the logo (labelled digital), which can be printed but is not ideal. This is great for online use on a website, social media network or simple to send around without a large file size. The print file is a higher resolution, ideal for printing the logo onto material such as letterheads etc. If you require a larger dimension of this file, you can usually extract it from the PDF.
Additional exports outside of the originally agreed artwork will be charged at £10.00 per export. This goes for the export of your design in an alternative colour(s) or an icon or text to be exported as a separate file, unless this has been specified within your initial design brief/prior to receiving your final logo design.
We hope you are satisfied with our service. If you require any additional design services, please follow the link below;

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