A warrior believes that their sword is an extension of their arm; a part of them then defines who they are, what they do, and most importantly how they do it. This is their art form and they dedicate their lives to fulfilling their legacy on the battle field. Everyone has something they believe in, something they commit their life to; sometimes these beliefs form a collective of individuals who share belief in the same cause. Though these people may have different destinations, they usually share the same beginning; their White Canvas. Fashion News Outlet are fashion’s new outlet… but sometimes it’s necessary to sit back and appreciate art! We’ve brought you street style, and now it’s time for some street art. Watch the video below and see how our friends at End of the Line collaborate with the street-wear brand Supremebeing to bring you another chapter of “The White Canvas Project”. Visit:

In October 2013 the creative minds at EndoftheLine and Supremebeing put together a new chapter in the White Canvas Project journey with The Rooftop Session hosted at Rockwell House. The original WCP concept was condensed into just four days with 13 artists converging on Rockwell to produce a show’s worth of artwork. Each day brought new materials and with it different artists who dropped in to make their mark on unique pieces of wood, metal, furniture and even a gas primus stove found on the streets of Farringdon.


This video charts the production and setup the entire project leading up to the official opening on Thursday 17th October. Featured artists include : Will Barras, Jim Vision, Zadok, Dan Chase, Tizer, OTwo, Elfin, Candy Lo, Hicks, Stendec, Reepsone, Dotmasters and Gent48

Filmed by Pablo Aravena & Tamara Elhaj
Edited by Jim Vision
Soundtrack cover of ‘The Night’ by More Like Trees | |

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