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Do you love the FNO Magazine website? What if we told you that your website can look like ours? Fashion News Outlet entrust world class web designer Michael-André Joda, better known as Mike Dre, to design and build our website as well as build professional websites for our clients. Mike’s creative design background enables him to create an attractive aesthetic for the cleverly coded website he builds. This means a race between aesthetic and functionality would end in a tie; your site would look amazing and function perfectly.

This exceptional web designer has a strong knowledge of HTML & CSS (more recently HTML5 & CSS3) & WordPress CMS, along with an eye for Clean, Clear and Modern design make a great combination for developing websites for any need – be it personal or business focused. Over the last couple of years he has been able to be a part of a wide range of projects, which have provided great experiences and helped me to become a well rounded creative. After working at a Digital Agency by the name of Hex Digital Michael has returned to the world of freelancing which means his services are now available to you.

Web Design prices vary due to the bespoke nature of each site, we’re flexible enough suit all budgets so feel free to use the details below for more information:

Free feel to get in contact with us via
or plan your project via Mike’s
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Alternatively you may email Mike directly via

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