Whether you expected a “White Christmas” or not, forecasts definitely didn’t point towards this snow storm. Solange unveils her Wedding dress and official photos courtesy of Vogue and photographer Rog Walker and no one’s safe from this blizzard. Read the Vogue exclusive here! Chaos has been unleashed worldwide, via social media, the net and news, as Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson tell the world they’re ready to give the white house a run for its money; an all white party has been redefined. Ironically it seems the Obama household were the only guests missing from this momentous occasion (correct us if we’re wrong), as close to 100 guests joined the newly weds to celebrate this historic event. We’ve all seen hundreds of celebrity weddings but we think it’s safe to say “Solange Knowles best”.

Solange Knowles & Alan Ferguson Wedding, Photographed by Rog Walker

This spotless execution of matrimony was described by none other than the bride herself to be, “a labour of love”, and judging from Rog Walker’s photos, we can’t help but agree. I guess we’re in awe of this “awe-some” couple but let’s not forget why we’re here! Fashion right? Solange Knowles was captured sporting a Humberto Leon for Kenzo dress, Jill for Lady Grey bracelets, and Stuart Weitzman shoes; Alan Ferguson in Lanvin. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Solange dressed in white, but its definitely the best. Take a look at these photos brought to light by Vogue just under 12 hours ago; you can see them now, or face the posts forcefully as everyone spurs on the storm. Do we take cover until the storm passes? We believe, “Since there’s no place to go… let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”.

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