Besides running what we would like to believe to be the world’s most creative digital publication, Fashion News Outlet doubles up as a London based creative design and media solutions agency. Fashion News Outlet has brought together the finest arts directors, photographers, videographers, marketers and graphic designers that offer industry standard solutions at competitive rates to their rapidly growing clientele database. This one stop shop for all your branding and marketing needs, pride ourselves in providing the highest quality services regardless of how big or small the job may be. Our broad range of creative services, demonstrated through our magazine and successes of our clients, requires you to look no further than Fashion News Outlet to complete each job; your hunt for answers to your creative needs ends here.

Fashion News Outlet work alongside established brands and individuals in order to bring you the best possible results. Pioneering a movement throughout the creative industry, we strive to exceed our competitors through supplying an unmatchable service, professional deliverables and an unforgettable customer experience. Just when you thought Fashion News Outlet had exhausted all our avenues; Fashion News Outlet present ‘Fashion News Outlet P.R.’. This public relations service, conducted by our marketing team, work alongside other P.R. companies and affiliates to help expand horizons and publicise the brands/companies of our global clients.

Our team work to the flexibility of your budget. Through giving you better than what your money can buy, there’s no doubt in mind that the product will exceed all your expectations; they go the extra mile just to keep you happy. This is Fashion News Outlet’s promise for quality! Every project is tailored to the needs of our clients to bring to life your visions. ‘Everyone is born with eyes, but not everyone has a vision’. Fashion News Outlet specialise in opening eyes to the creative vision instilled within each project they tackle. Our professional approach to each project is guaranteed to leave you satisfied with our customer service, and our friendly partners and personnel are reassurance that your project is in safe hands. Whether you brand is fashion related or not, we are here and ready to help. So take a look at our services and contact us to see how we can help you today. Fashion News Outlet is fashion’s new outlet.

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