Modern fashion exceeds the constraint of garment composition and opens doors to intricate crafts which produce artistic forms such as jewellery. FNOutlet present you our very first goldsmith. Offering a diverse collection of accessories, jeweller Rachel Swan graces our pages with her bespoke range of award winning jewellery. Since developing her brand in 2008, Rachel’s focus on geometric patterns, modern architecture and industrial form remains the primary influence of the complex shapes she produces. So why is jewellery so significant? In the same way shoes, hats and other accessories contribute towards and compliment an incomplete outfit, jewellery offers the finishing touches to complete an outfit and enhance your style. The sleek, clean cut aesthetic of Rachel Swan’s designs add to the beauty of her brand and accentuate the detail through form, line and the repetition of familiar shapes. As our very first jewellery designer, Rachel Swan’s collection of hand crafted pieces are a beacon of hope for other jewellery designers in search of avenues to exhibit their craft. Rachel Swan’s award winning jewellery is available from a number of selected retailers in Ireland & the UK.


Rachel Swan x FNOutlet

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