Logo Design Requirements


In order to proceed with designing your brand logo our design team require a few essential bits of brand information that will be used as a mould to develop your brand identity/logo. Please email the following requirements to info@fnomagazine.com

Requirement Shortlist

–  Brand Biography & Brief
–  Design Aesthetic Proposal
–  Target Audience Specification
–  Attach Logo Examples or sketches

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Brand Biography

We need to understand your brand. The easiest way to do this is through a short brand biograph or extract about what your business is and it’s objectives so that we can assess your brand’s prospect and implement design elements that will ensure the design remains timeless and will not need to be re-branded unnecessarily.

Design Aesthetic

The appearance of your design can be based on preference, character or even particular graphic elements. In order to design the best possible brand, we will need to understand how you envision your brand’s new logo design. Please describe the desired look for your brand in simple words such as; bold, clean cut, cursive, etc. If you have any preferable fonts (typefaces) or existing designs that catch your eye, feel free to email them over and we will be sure to consider them in the development of your design.

Brand Audience

A short sentence that defines your target market. We will need to understand who will be on the receiving end of your brand. This sentence needs to specify the intended age range for your brand’s  market, the sector your brand is targeted at and other factors such as who your competitors are so that we can develop a brand that will survive within competitive markets.

Logo Examples

Finally, we always welcome examples of existing logos such, both renowned and independent, so that we can latch onto your vision for your brand. E.g. The “Google” logo is corporate but fun, the colour red from the “Virgin Media” logo, or the “Apple” logo is simple and clean cut. Whatever concept or idea you have in mind, please let us know so that we can implement all of your ideas and produce the best possible deliverable.

The prices for this services are also available via this link; Logo Design Planner & Prices
The “Standard Logo” design fee of £100.00 is likely to apply, unless your design is complex or requires excessive time to create.

Information regarding deposits and payment for your design will be supplied when the requirements stated above has been received.

If you have any questions or would like to meet to discuss your design concepts/direction face to face please inquire about our brand consultancy services; Brand Consultancy


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