Since 2003 Robyn Rihanna Fenty, better known as pop sensation Rihanna, has truly left her mark on both the music and fashion industries. As the demand for her influential style of music and iconic sense of style increases, all eyes are on Rihanna to suggest the next big trend, make the next hit song, or possibly even leave her mark on… well, her body. Besides the inevitable controversy caused by the media speculation of similarities between her tattoo and that of her former boyfriend Chris Brown; her new masterpiece has inspired a new trend that somewhat encourages girls to walk with their chest high irrespective of circumstance.

Goddess Isis, taken from Egyptian beliefs, is translated to mean the word ‘Throne’. Is Rihanna’s commercial appeal and undeniable talent truly worthy of her being seated in the throne and crowned as the queen of pop, or does her influence exceed music? Is her remarkable sense of style the leverage she needs to be remembered as one of the most iconic women to grace the face of this planet? However you choose to perceive her, Rihanna’s permanent print makes her one of fashions most iconic figures even in the absence of clothing.

This beckons the question is our skin a canvas to be decorated in style or is clothing all you need to look stylish? With just under 203 thousand likes on Instagram, the votes far from unanimous, but definitely in her in favour. Let us know your opinion on whether or not tattoos are becoming a trend! Despite your verdict it’s safe to say Rihanna is proud of her new ink and definitely #Unapologetic.

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