Just when we thought we had seen everything, we saw Osman. From the invitation to the catwalk performance, everything this designer had to offer a high standard and a satisfactory end result. In all honesty we’re using the term satisfactory quite loosely; we loved it! From the mix of textures used within each garment, to the clean aesthetic of each piece within the classy collection; the show was his platform to exhibit his collection, the models were his canvas and the clothes were a stroke of genius. This is definitely a show we will be looking to attend next year. If ever being seated has been a negative, it was during this Osman Autumn/Winter show, we were told to remain in our seats and our editor in chief Gideon Cudjoe was unable to get the much needed shots of the catwalk models. Fortunately we managed to get a few snaps from the second row… without further delay, we present you the Osman A/W 2014 collection.

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