Dressing yourself as a man is an art form - Omiri Thomas. Omiri and a dream relishes this notion and also recognises that at the turn of the nineteenth century tailoring was born; with it came an ideal of individuality, self expression and perfectly crafted ensembles.

My fascination with 19th century menswear began whilst watching period dramas of Sherlock Holmes; the structure and detailing of the clothing could be compared to moving pieces of art, this was very appealing and to my imagination and thus my love for classic menswear pieces came alive!

Another great influence to my personal style is The Great Gatsby which came along a little later and was set in the early 20th century, the idea of dressing for success and adorning a properly tailored suit really hit me and has since been a big inspiration of mine.

I started blogging as a means to share my outfits with the world and to inspire people who may not have found their personal style yet or just want some outfit ideas. In fact I have always had an interest in style and fashion from a menswear perspective but every story has a beginning.

As a young boy I always looked up to my grandfather. How immaculately dressed, well spoken and presentable he was, inspired me to one day attain such qualities and today I strive to embody some of that old school style with a modern edge.

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