FNOutlet open this issue with a disclaimer: Peel the pages of this particular feature with caution. Neco London presents “Cutting Edge”, his debut collection of bespoke garments. If you’re a fan of Goth couture this brand is bound to point you in the right direction as this Autumn/Winter collection redefines the stigma behind ‘Pins and Needles’ through a blend of high fashion Goth apparel with a futuristic twist. This aesthetically pleasant cocktail of leather, gold metal, mink fur, studs and spikes all contribute to the eccentricity of this brand we call Neco London. This abstract collection is engineered to equip it‘s wearer with confidence and undisputable style and they emerge from their homes onto their high streets. Designer Neco London believes his collection is a reflection of his personality; ‘An edgy vibe with a twist’. After meeting up with Neco at a breath taking event hosted by our wonderful friends at Fashion Glossary, it was impossible to deny the edginess and flair behind both Neco and his glamorous collection. The Noir De Black Shirt (Long shirt with gold metal stars), Chainsaw Jacket (Leather jacket with chains), Diamond Core Jacket and the Power Head pieces all belong to this bespoke collection and can be a part of your clothing collection! As the light catches the metal, you’re bound to be stunning, quite literally; so why wait? If you’re interested in this unique collection contact Neco London and be one of the first to sport his brand.


Neco London x FNOutlet

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