Editorial Name: Ms Frost – Warming up the the Winter Season

Date & Time: Sunday 9th Nov, 10am – 3pm

Column: High Street Heaven – Look good while you brave the elements this festive season.

Photography: (Darrel): Landscape Photos, Natural Images, Soft Lighting, Clean Edits. (Refer to row 1)

Modeling (Christine): Natural Poses, Interact with environment, Subtle movement, lady like posture, vogue. (Refer to row 2)

Styling (Rhona): Chic and simple yet sophisticated, furs, Polkadots, Red or Wine with hints of creams and whites. (Refer to rows 1 & 3)

Makeup (Carleen): Albino effect, paler looking make up, white eyelashes & brows, pink/red lips (maybe rosey cheeks). (Refer to rows 4 & 5)

Most of all, we’re open to all suggestions so let us know what your thoughts are!

Thanks guys, Gideon.


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