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by Darrel Hunter

London, England

Street Style, Fashion, Beauty & Editorials

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My name is Darrel Hunter, also known as Mode Hunter. I am the founder and editor of ModeHunter; a freelance fashion photographer who loves the sound of camera shutters and autofocus whirring. I can normally be found trawling the streets around the world, behind Marc Jacobs sunglasses, camera in hand, ‘Mode Hunting’ – ready to shoot anything fashionable that moves. I get excited by fashion, and have a deep love for gorgeous shoes. I believe my love for fashion must have begun at inception because it has always been there as far back as I can remember.  I have always been inspired by the creative process behind the scenes, impressed by the presentations and excited by the final results that are brought to life on the street and catwalk. I enjoy all the preparation that goes into a shoot or behind the scenes at fashion shows. Seeing inspiration develop into an idea then bloom into the final product is quite simply amazing.


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