Magazine Feature


Fashion News Outlet have a team of scouts searching for the finest brands to correlate with the theme for each of our issues. We select global brands from emerging and established markets with unique selling points and undeniably eye catching collections of a premium quality to be featured within our periodic publication. Regardless of our election process, we are always willing to take a look at your brand to see if you may be considered for our magazine. If you believe your brand is worthy of our pages, you may want to take a look at our Magazine Feature Price Guide to see how much it will cost you to have your brand featured alongside some of the worlds best brands. This opportunity will allow you to share audiences with some of the most prominent/marketable brands around, add to the credibility of your brand by having pages to add to the press section of your brand’s website/portfolio, and even boost views to your brand’s website.

Each page of our magazine is clickable and takes the reader directly to your brand’s website/marketplace which means if our readers are interested in your brand you’re likely to make a sale. Our social media icons on the base of each feature page means viewers can share your page on their favourite social networks, which is guaranteed to boost your brand’s profile.

Through featuring in our unique digital publication you can also earn a spot on our Brand Listing and most importantly we will be doing our best to promote your brand and make it as visible to our following as we possibly can. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our price plan to see what you get from each feature package and to see which feature would best suit you. Alternatively you may email for more information of how your brand may be featured in FNO Magazine and the bespoke feature packages we may offer you if you wish to purchase a magazine feature in conjunction with any of our other services.


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