Made By FNO

Fashion News Outlet present you their series of behind the scenes photo-shoot coverage. Made by FNO offers insight into the lives of those bold enough to stand out and make the roads their catwalk. Some call it “SWAGGER” others call it “STYLE”, whatever you call it, it defines who you are and how you feel; Fashion News Outlet aim to capture our model’s character and showcase it to our fans. Ever wanted to be a model? Fashion News Outlet encourage you to email us a picture of you that shows off your style and you could be our next model!

It’s simple. If we love the way you look and you have a story behind your style, just email us a picture of the way you look, or even tag us on facebook in a picture of yourself and you might win the chance for a photoshoot, compliments of Fashion News Outlet and the opportunity to model for Fashion News Outlet magazine. Watch Parris OH as she has her time to shine as a model… “Made by FNO”…

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