Lifting the veil is commonly associated with the anticipated moment we all yearn to experience on our wedding day; but why wait a lifetime for this heart warming feeling when you can Lift The Veil everyday. Though high fashion couture is at an all time high within the fashion industry, urban wear brands are evolving into platforms for designers to paint a picture that sends out a message to the intellectual mind. Lift The Veil Clothing have adopted this ethos to captivate and educate their audiences as their customers exhibit their urban wear brand. The combination of ‘contemporary urbanwear with unique substance’ bears responsibility for the brands motto - Style with Substance. The brands abstract styling and unique screen prints offer their fanbase alternative views on the ancient history of man, truths behind forgotten or repressed knowledge, visionary adventures and ‘some other crazy sh*t!’ This unorthodox spin on urban wear reinforces the designers beliefs that it‘s not style that gets you noticed, but a movement that encourages people to explore life’s greatest mysteries. While unveiling the mysteries of life and granting you the opportunity to embrace the artistic representation of their notions, the team behind Lift The Veil Clothing offer a high standard of clothing; high quality screen prints (screen printed in the UK) onto the finest fabrics (100% cotton) which allow that desired fitted look. You must be curious to lift the veil; what’s stopping you?


Lift The Veil x FNOutlet

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