Jasper Garvida was yet another designer who blew our mind with his fantastic collection Ethologie. Our team attended the off schedule show by Felicities P.R. ahead of time and were welcomed by some relaxing entertainment in the form of string instruments and a tap dancing display by a beautiful woman dressed in blue. The dim red lights and relaxing atmosphere was disrupted by brightly beamed spotlights and the soundtrack for the catwalk; let the show begin! As we watched the models strut down the catwalk, we could help but feel mesmerised by the vivid colours, bold patterns, intricate embroidery and interesting textures. Without a bad word to say about this particular collection, it’s safe to say that Jasper’s collection was by far one of our favourite collections at London Fashion Week 2014. Our editor was too busy enjoying the show that he almost forgot to snap away at the catwalk; well here are a few shots from the stunning collection from you to take a look at.

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