Battling her way to through the ranks, Sarah Hutton, designers of the ‘Let Us Be Armed’ collection, is constructing her fashion empire on her profound speciality of knit. With her distinctive identity, and profound manner SH(e) is undeniably making her mark and expanding her empire. Inspired by her hobbies and interests Sarah Hutton’s brand has a war like aesthetic with a modernistic twist. Sarah’s Emporium is founded upon her passion for unique accessories; Instinctively, SH(e) creates pieces which are rooted, inspired by, and respondent to the zeitgeist, and the social & political issues it holds. With a natural lust for fashion, styling, photography, and music, these heavily influence the aesthetic of her pieces, and the overall image evoked. SH(e) is far from superficial, as there is a deep sense of values behind each artistic garment and a thoughtful purpose behind each piece. Sarah’s most recent collection displays an combination of style and identity within a theme, which elevates her designs and empowers her brand. Sarah Hutton’s collaborative photo shoots and boutique standard custom accessories define her brand and accentuate her creativity. The ‘Let Us Be Armed’ 2011 unisex collection provides androgynous pieces, fitted to the current fashion climate. Appealing to both sexes, SH(e) is for He and SH(e) is for Her.

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