Block colours, angular shoulder pads and a plunge neckline that holds no prisoners, Tara MacSharry’s collection has indeed arrived. Making her mark at this year’s London Fashion Week, her collection entitled, Marie MacSharry confirms that girls truly ‘run the world’ with an avant-garde line that screams female empowerment high from the roof tops – and they all listen obediently.

The hourglass figure is still in full swing, though with a twist – as she puts pencil skirts, nipped in outerwear and peplum styles against scoop back blazers, torso cut outs and vivid tailcoats. Her show-stopping piece, high-rise open split trousers shed light on the question, why have legs with no reason but to flaunt? She fully abides by the, ‘pins on show and ready to go’ attitude, with an array of drape-front hot pants as an edgy addition to the range.

Where turquoise meets violet, violet meets plush pink and cleavage meets the nation. The return of the corset is not to be feared but embraced as, where there is pain there is style – and then some. Using pleats to create a dominant shoulder and exaggerated hips, the silhouette of a diva has been formed – ladies bow down in awe. The confident female is alive and she comes chic, hooded and in fierce berry heels. With a range that speaks volumes to the ultimate diva, Marie Macsharry is hot on our radar this year. Her clothes are available to buy on edgy fashion website, amongst other high end fashion talents such as Mary Katrantzou and Katy Eary. We can’t wait to see what else Ms MacSharry has in store.

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