Heir to the throne of intricate fashion is a distinctive brand with an untainted essence of luxury and perfection borrowed deep within each piece of the collection; Lulu Liu. Whether interwoven or intertwined, the undeniable appeal and assortment of tactile textures promote a sense of royalty and wealth within each garment. This sovereign aesthetic, achieved through a collaboration of materials commonly associated with prosperity and monarchy, accentuate the quality of each garment and the attention the collection’s designer pays to detail. Each handcrafted item within her bespoke couture, beckons a greater fan base and liking to this designers work; Lulu Liu is bound to hail the LFW catwalks and exceed competitive brands. Her current collection displays Lulu’s determination to succeed and undeniable skill. Witness how Lulu Liu’s forthcoming collections unravel and see if history can be made at the remarkable hands of Lulu Liu.

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