She will die for her Louboutin shoes but will also die for the closest free seat in the club, arguing that the slick red soles are an investment. She is a slave to fashion. Often it seems that fashion comes with the price of pain. You cringe for the gentleman in Skinny jeans, imagining his tight squeezed day ahead - and admire the girl in Vans, who could run the marathon if she wished. Can the most fashionable of fashionista’s be comfortable?
Celebs are a key example, flamboyancy and killer heels will see you through it seems, ask Gaga. Her famous meat dress was far from comfortable though, it was a fashion statement nonetheless. Such statements can bring backache and blisters yet bring joy to its observers. “She looks hot.”, “His kicks are nice” and, “Where did she get that dress?” – the list goes on. It appears that, looking good makes you immune to any discomfort. Having your top button done up on a shirt gives that clean cut, preppy look. Who cares for the tightness and hot sweat you might work up in the shortest of distances? We live to keep up appearances.
king Hugh Hefner is style icon of the season, with his iconic moccasin slippers currently rocking the runways and the streets of London – playboy mansion eat your heart out. For an edgier take on comfort, reach for the ‘Creepers’. The unisex platform brogues have taken off this autumn/winter with Prada putting them on the map during Sydney Fashion Week. Hello effortless chic. With slightly less edge, the baby-grow has become a hot fashion item for adults (indeed you heard right). It’s a marmite trend; it’s a comfortable trend; take it as you will.

Ordinarily comfort comes with the occasion. When going to a party you take a risk, when going to the shops, you take crocs – depending on how much you wish to let yourself go of course. Being in flats, a hoody and jeans doesn’t make you less fashionable than the woman in a midi skirt, cashmere crop and jacquard-print blazer. Feeling comfortable in the way you present yourself is all that matters. Fashion is pain only if you make it.

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