Make poppin’ your collar is a thing of the past. Try the nerd look by buttoning up or even leave a shirt unbuttoned to expose a t-shirt instead of wearing a cardigan. This winter denim, stripes and squares are in season, so grab pick up a checkered, denim or stripy shirt to pull off this look. Check out ASOS for the selection above and Drop Your Collar this winter!
Looking for the right accessories to tie an outfit together can be a bit of a hassle, fashiomista is offering you simple solutions that can put the finishing touches to your outfit. The answer is Knots, in fact Lots of Knots will do the job! Grab yourself a stylish but cheap accessory, whether it’s a bow tie, skinny or a Peru hat to tie round your neck, and watch it work wonders.

Take advantage of the Low Bottom (lower crotch), ankle cuff look by purchasing a pair of carrot trousers or jeans. Carrots are comfortable, stylish & go hand in hand with a pair of trendy high top trainers! Whether your alliance lies with the Nike Toki or Blazer vintage collections, Supras or maybe you’re a fan of Vans of the wall limited editions. No matter what your style of High Tops your preference may be, grab a pair and tuck
your carrots in to pull of the look!

Walk high headed as you conquer the high street catwalk with your triumphant Blaze of Glory. Blazers have climbed higher up the fashion ladder, taking it beyond the smart clothes wardrobe giving it a casual alternative twist. Now a blazer can be worn with a casual pair of jeans or trousers. Just when we thought that fashion couldn’t get any better, high street stores have now placed The Last Straw, bringing even the most stern of shoppers to their knees. Trilby hats, beenie hats, bowler hats, flat caps and snapbacks are now in store for hat lovers.

Although the school boy look of carrying a backpack regardless of what’s inside, may be seen as simply holding Excess Baggage. Even so, these props can accentuate the theme of an outfit. Bags aren’t the only thing that’s back: Snapbacks Back and better than ever. Get your fitted cap & recap on the past!

The Double Denim look is a look from the past that has been recently popularised by celebrities ranging from indie groups to hip hop celebs. The look consists of a denim mix and match. Trying mixing Double This, Double That to pull off this look. You can either wear a denim shirt and jacket/gilet or wear denim shorts/jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket on top.

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