Renowned for harnessing the classical trend and resurrecting a vintage culture; Bow Ties have quickly escalated within the world of fashion to become a distinctive growing trend. A bow tie’s ability to add a hint of sophistication to a subtle outfit has hailed this statement piece as the worthy accessory to tie an outfit together. Fastened to this belief, Bow-Up, bow tie specialists and distributors, have founded their business upon their belief in the sophisticated yet casual essence their accessories offer their customers. Dependant on the consumers’ choice of design, each bow tie is able to accentuate and offer an alternative style. From floral to abstract patterns Bow-Up offer your closet an aged aesthetic with the purchase of a simple but sleek accessory. As fashion evolves designers seek methods that allow this generation to re-live trends from the past; Step into this time machine. Visit Bow-Up’s online store to make a purchase. Tie your outfit together, Bow-Up.

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