Shelby Steiner

Life can get a little overwhelming, which makes the dream of “the sweet life” all the more appealing. It's a life of luxury, balance and simplicity and an ideal which the Chicago-based label, Shelby Steiner, brings a little closer to reality.

Modern life is filled with thrills, and with every task throwing you back and forth, it is refreshing to see garments which give their wearer a sense of space. The Shelby Steiner collection oozes sober tones through skillfully structured pieces and ethically manufactured, eco-conscious materials.

Through the combination of fine folds, expertise cuts and neutral colour palettes, each piece from Steiner’s collection is able to create impeccably nurtured silhouettes that maintain a sense of fluidity for a simple, easy look. There are many things to love about this innovative womenswear brand; it's clean, cool, and functional. But, as well as this, is the urban ease and abstraction in which it reconsiders femininity, masculinity and androgyny today.

The city-dwelling garments balance the flux of the active urban body and the contemplative mind. But where the Shelby Steiner collection excels is in its release of the tensions of womanhood. Through intelligent sculpting and abstract, yet tranquil, colouring, the flirtation of girlhood is matured into a strong, confident and conscious womanhood.

Photo Credits
Photographer Bryan Whitely
Styling Shelby Steiner
Model Sam Wakefield

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