Peccato Carnale (Indulgence, in a season of sales)

There are many sins that our bodies permit to that both our minds and our wallets do not. The sins of the flesh are those that feed your appetite for sultry high-street pieces and one-off vintage finds, but do not allow the sight of a "sale" sign to corrupt your closet.

Amongst these enticing racks of garments worthy of your lust, are horrors that no seriously styled person should ever consider. There’s always something for everyone, but not every trend fits hand in glove with everybody’s image. Fashion’s first commandment; ‘never neglect your personal style’, even as we pay our homage to the sacred sale sign.

As well as being the haven of indulgence for super-cheap and renewable finds. The sale section is also the high- street castaway for irredeemable corruptions and seasonal abominations. The rash purchases you make in the passions of these moments could easily lead to your style’s demise; after all, no trend is immortal. There are, however, timeless pieces that can bring back to life to the dead outfit buried deep within the graveyard of your closet for the new season.

Pointing your purse towards subtly-detailed staple items will ensure that your most indulgent pieces will be versatile enough to be worn again and again. This is also the perfect time to invest in those sensual luxury fabrics that would otherwise be unaffordable; look for good silks and satins to put your worldly knowledge to good use with some earthly styling. This season, we urge you to let go of all your style inhibitions, as we all indulge in this season’s high-street sales.

Photo Credits
Photographer Bita Cuartas
Model Scarlet Lipnik
Hair Stylist Angelo Steel
MUA Angelo Steel
Stylist Mipandora

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