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A world without measure is a world with no tomorrows, no standards and no comparisons. The difference between a good suit and a great suit is a matter of centimetres. Like the measurements that we make everyday, tailoring is an art of precision that marries the perfect suit to the perfect man.

These days a great suit is hard to come by, thankfully the geniuses behind the Australian label Oscar Hunt are here to redefine good measure. By combining an emphasis on the client-tailor relationship with the richly coloured and decadently finished cuts, it is not an exaggeration to say that these exquisitely tailored custom pieces will look like they’re made for you, and only you.

The modern suit is all about fit: sharp edges, a slimming shape and an elegant finish. Whether you're after a subtly domineering pinstripe, a single or double breast, or a "nod-to-the-greats" four button, Oscar Hunt is a brand that can be trusted to deliver.

Using quality fabrics to serve a thirst for both old- time classic and contemporary silhouettes, the smoothness of these expertly crafted pieces speaks of an understated class. With these pieces every man is promised to achieve a style so seamless that it does the bragging for you. The basic suit is no more; both casual and corporate attire can now achieve the ultimate look through the ultimate tailoring experience.

Written by Caroline Adeyemi

Photo Credits
Photographer Tom Blachford
Model Oscar Hunt Tailors

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