Makin Jan Ma

Signatures, like character, are unique marks of identity; a distinctive pattern, product, or characteristic by which someone or something can be identified. These impressions determine associations and seal the deal between a man and his work. “What people call you doesn't determine who you are; who you are determines, what people call you”. Conceptual fashion designer Makin approves this notion as he makes his name through the success of his signature clothing collections; made by Makin Jan Ma.

‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you’ - Maya Angelou. Makin’s edgy yet comfortable collections with endless MJM signature prints embody a vivid story and brings to life the characters from his ongoing film project. Makin Jan Ma‘s collections ooze character. This stylistic representation of his film, marries fashion with art to offer purpose and identity to Makin’s catalogue of signature designs.

Guts Olo, Makin’s androgynous collection, features his seven headed dragon concept; a series of artistic prints, designed for a genderless character and a unisex appeal. These unique prints decorate the collection’s free flowing garments; created to fit both the male and female figure. The fluid lines and abstract shapes transform his tranquil collection into a fierce and surreal masterpiece. Makin’s visual vernacular yields thoughts of whether fashion can infiltrate art, but irrespective of how this story may end, Makin will continue to “Dream bigger, live harder and love deeper”.

Photo Credits
Photography Amari-Jade Robinson
Model Bonita Markey
Stylist Tiwa Jenyo
Hair Stylist Nerys Bediako
Arts Direction Gideon Cudjoe

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