Fashiomista (Autumn/Winter trends in collaboration with LYNX)

Appearances do not make the man; but a well-dressed man, is always a cut above the rest. In this issue’s collaboration with super-brand LYNX, menswear style tips and men’s trends meet contemporary male grooming to bring you classic winter looks with a timeless appeal. Barbershops are sanctuaries for men all over the globe, where men are reborn after weeks of labour. The old is replaced by the new, the rough by the smooth and the dull for the cool. Fashion News Outlet is bringing the barbershop experience to a screen near you, so you too can witness this luxury makeover, all in the name of LYNX.


Photo Credits
Photographer Darrel Hunter
Models Maxwell + Bailey (AMCK Models)
Fashion Stylist Charley Van Purpz
Hair Stylist Sofie Alexandersson
Makeup Artist Carleen Gordon
Arts Direction Gideon Cudjoe
Asst. Arts Direction Julie Oye
Creative Asst. Caroline Adeyemi
Location ESHK Hair Salon

40 Fashiomista x LYNX-06


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