Clara Martin

Hyper-realistic, futuristic fashion designs anyone? Putting a new twist on the meaning of conceptual designing and multi-dimensional wear, London label Clara Martin is preparing to pass you through a new digital reality. And it's super easy. No wifi necessary.

The self-named brand by Menswear designer Clara Martin is nothing short of the experimentation associated with contemporary urban fashion. The wake of these ungraspably futuristic designs leaves our current wardrobes, and realities, with something in lack.

Using high-quality knits and fabrics, these incredibly conceptual pieces call back to the adventure and comic-pop culture of a 90's childhood. Playing with bold block colours, sharp angles and softly built textures, these nostalgic pieces offer a new homage to childhood innocence in the newly animated 21st Century. The line which holds the distinct between the digital, imaginary and real is broken.

Whether opting for a sea-side soft palette or citrusy blasts, the use of vivid colours and daring shapes makes every piece from Clara Martin testament to an aesthetically lively and dynamic brand. The apparel presents a serious consideration for craft and design whilst also embracing the challenges of holding on to the freedom and imagination of childhood into maturity.

Photo Credits
Photographer Amari-Jade Robinson
Stylist Tiwa Jenyo
MUA Carleen Gordon
Model Haydn Williams
Arts Direction Gideon Cudjoe



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