As the west wind blows away the autumn leaves, and the hibernating creatures emerge from their dormant state, the sun makes its debut appearance; summer is on its way to town and we’re off to buy new clothes for it’s welcoming party. This year, with the help of the talented photographer Orin Fleurimont, Fashion News Outlet is offering you some useful advice on how to avoid the “Summer Blues”.

No one likes to be locked up indoors during the hottest season of the year; our style doctors are prescribing some essentials to ensure that you’re prepared for any unwanted weather forecasts. There’s absolutely no harm in precaution; light layers are what we advise to avoid disappointment, and nothing makes a better fashion statement than a fitted blazer.

Whatever your preferred choice of overgarment, make it matter; it’s your last chance to show off your winter closet and avoid the cold in style. This summer FNO Magazine recommend the colour blue. It’s the perfect colour to match with your brighter colours and vibrant whites, making it perfect for a day out in the sun. You can go for a pair of tapered trousers, as seen on model Agyemang Clay, or substitute the trousers for some fitted denim. This editorial’s stylist, Omar Thomas, puts a smart casual spin on this sartorial summer outfit with a distinctive patterned sweater and complimentary brown leather accessories.

Though summer seems to be the perfect time to show off the body you've been working hard to perfect; remember a cold breeze is lurking around every corner, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Be prepared for the worst by keeping an outfit on standby just incase the weather takes a turn for the worst and hits you with a case of the summer blues.

Orin Fleurimont

Omar Thomas

Aygemang Clay

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