A well-dressed man is indeed an aphrodisiac, so who better to dress him than a woman? Menswear designer Nyheke Lambert embodies the notion, “Never underestimate the power of a woman who knows what she wants”. Despite the rustic essence of this unique collection, details unmask a feminine touch; the meticulously mindful craft of a woman. Nyheke Lambert knows exactly what she wants and each powerful piece within her unrivalled collection is testament to the disputed thesis that women can in fact understand men.

Getting into a man’s pockets isn't quite a stigma for this exemplary designer. Nyheke’s outwear designs highlight detail such as the intricate signature jets pockets and industrial structures, made using a blend of wool, wax cotton and the irregular choice of fabric, hessian to offset the classic menswear silhouette. Coupled with faultless reversibility and tapered sleeves, the juxtaposing and subdued colour choices, including autumnal red, deep navy and tan, enhance the quality of each garment within this impressive menswear collection.

Introducing a new form of technicality to modern-day menswear, off-the-cuff designer, Nyheke Lambert, in the most ardent way, crafts an alternative structure to formal wear. Offering an amalgam of modernity punctuated by simplistic yet irregular twists, sublimity follows through Lambert’s collection, underpinning the brand in its European context. Minimalist details interestedly packaged give the pieces both depth and originality, all while showcasing refinement and extreme provocation. A renaissance of the amiable gentleman with a new-age ‘je nai sa quoi’- the new menswear narrative has been written indefinitely; a brand that is made-to-measure.

Amari-Jade Robinson

Baptiste O'Donovan

Nyheke Lambert

Charley Van Purpz

Creative Director
Gideon Cudjoe
Editor in Chief of FNO Magazine

Vicky Gayle

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