The end of every storm brings a rainbow, and at the end of every rainbow lies a pot of gold. Known for being the rainiest city in Europe, Norway‘s second-largest city Bergen is the focus of this brand forecast. During the bleak winter season while most hid indoors, we braved the elements in search of an innovative brand; as the saying goes, we stumbled across our pot of gold. Without further ado, FNO Magazine would like to shed some light on a brand that is likely to leave you singing in the rain; Norwegian Rain.

Birthed by Alexander Helle and T-Michael, Norwegian Rain embodies revolutionary technologies and tailoring expertise, used to drive this award-winning label. From the concept and function through to the alluring aesthetic of each piece, protection from the rain is the last thing on your mind as you shop this mesmerizing collection. All of the technology that goes into creating each piece is hidden away by pattern, satin linings and defined shoulder structures, ensuring style is never compromised.

The Norwegian Rain collections are a mixture of menswear, womenswear and unisex designs; our favourite has to be the ‘Raincho’ which was originally designed on a napkin in a street cafe in Paris. The Japanese styled pieces can be worn draped loosely for a masculine fit, or belted up to create a cinched in waist, perfect for a more feminine look. Each collection sports a waterproof membrane with hi-tech recycled fabrics and heat sealed seams, coupled with a cashmere lined storm flap and horn buttons for that stylistic finish. The sun is on the horizon, but Norwegian Rain has given us a reason to enjoy the odd spell of rain this summer.

Bent René Synnevaag

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