As the trailing edge of the Sun's disk disappears below the horizon and the day turns to dusk, it’s almost time to revisit your wardrobe and decide how to spend the night. Fashion News Outlet advise you to cast your nets to the other side of your closet and reel in a sexier selection of night clothes this summer. This feel good feature, submitted by photographer Rob Gardner, reveals some skin and shows you a classy way to dress whether you’re staying in or heading out of “The Boudoir”.

Every so often there’s a need to pamper ourselves, pretend to be Rapunzel as we let down our hair down and eliminate some layers to let our skin breathe. This summer when the lights dim down and the remaining beams of light bounce around your bedroom, you may be caught between thoughts; a night in, or a night out. Fashion News Outlet suggest you make the most of both. Depending on your confidence, this look can be worn indoors, or on a summers night out. Lace is back in trend, it’s the ladylike way to show off your curves and let the world you're a decorous woman, while highlighting the sensual appeal of your feminine figure.

Bed sheets and curtains should not be the only things that shimmer as they catch the light at night. Cocoon yourself a figure hugging silk dress with lace detailing that is guaranteed to make you feel as confident as you feel within your private place we call the boudoir. These dresses have been popping up in designer showrooms, on fashion show runways and even on our favourite celebrities as they walk the red carpet. Offering whoever wears the garment sassy sophistication, this season’s trend contradicts the saying, “the more the merrier” and shows you that if worn right, less can actually be more.

Rob Gardner

Iris Fitzgerald

Charlotte Appleby


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