The number eight visually represents the concept of infinity; a continual loop that sees no beginning and knows no end. ‘Unboundedness’ is derived from the Latin translation to this abstract concept, which alludes the lack of bounds or limits; what we perceive as “out of the box”, the ethos of this brand.

Ironically, we're unsure of where to start with this remarkable brand. We've seen the number eight from a mathematical perspective, through the eyes of superstition and even as the number than controls the beat of music. Fashion News Outlet present another eight; the eight of fashion, Another 8.

Launched in December 2013, Another 8 released two street style inspired capsule preview collections. These collections boast timeless trends and iconic statement pieces that bridge the gap between the familiar mass-produced high street and the often unattainable designer label.

The brand’s driving force, a team of London’s finest creative minds, believe their brand is a fusion of statement street style and contemporary design. Their Minimal House collection offers a unique mix of premium leathers, easy-to-wear sports luxe separates, and irresistible textured pieces using an icy pastel palette and luxury silvery metallics.

Another 8’s more urban offering is 90s Jungle introducing eye-popping animal prints, patent leathers, reversible patterned jackets, crop tops and shorts and exclusively designed unisex graphic t-shirts. Another 8 will be in the loop for years to come, so visit their website to shop their look.

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