Tick, tock, tick, tock; the time is nearly here. You’re probably half way off the edge of your chair with your eyes glued to the screen curiously awaiting an update on the forthcoming issue of the Fashion News Outlet magazine. The wait is over! Well… If you’re not as excited as we are, read on and maybe you’ll find a reason to be!

Since early September 2010, Fashion News Outlet has been recognised as a medium for fashion worldwide. Without the need to leave the comfort of your homes, we have been your outlet for fashion news, journalism, upcoming designers, stylish trends and so much more! Offering you a range of in-house columns such as, Fashiomista, Top Trends, High Street Heaven, Celebrity Closets, Fashionating News via our blog, and our recent introduction of the Styleophile; our team labour endlessly to bring you fashion from a creative point of view. So where did we go? Since you last heard from us, with the help of web developer Michael-Andre Joda, we have been hard at work improving our site to make your experience bigger and better than ever before!

At long last, the date for the much anticipated return of Fashion News Outlet Magazine is here! 25th July 2013 is a day of change; Fashion News Outlet will now become fashion’s new outlet. The team at Fashion News Outlet would appreciate if you would like our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram (@fno_magazine) for updates regarding your favourite fashion magazine! So what are you waiting for? Like

Be sure to read our magazine and appreciate our creative flair! Drop us an email if you have any contributions, whether you’re a model, writer, photographer, stylist or just a loyal viewer with an interesting suggestion. Meanwhile, tell a friend and spread the word to the world. Fashion News Outlet magazine is back in business and ready to reclaim its fashion empire!

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