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Welcome to our first virtual exhibition. Fashion News Outlet take pride in inspiring creativity and nurturing those who pursue their creative endeavours within the field of fashion. As we approach the release of our 10th issue, we have been on the hunt for the world’s most creative minds with undeniable talent and skill within the fashion industry. This search has lead us to a variety of creatives, from tailors to photographers, designers to models, and now… illustrators. This edition of “illustrate” presents Orch Eratli, John Jarrett and Jacky Mao. Take a read of this post to witness the rise of fashion’s finest illustrators according to Fashion News Outlet.

This innovative project was inspired by none other than designer and illustrator, Orch Eratli (Instagram: @OrchLondon), renowned for his detailed drawings of some of fashion’s most iconic figures. Responsible for drawing Charley Van Purpz, who featured on the front cover of our publication (, Orch has impressed our team with precision sketches consiting of interesting tones and fascinating strokes used to produce the finest textures. Orch is rapidly gaining recognition for his unique ability to create some of the most interesting renditions with an undeniable likeliness to the original photograph. Keep updated by visiting his Tumblr account:

Second on our list of illustrators is John Jarrett (Instagram:@_JohnJarrett). Just when you started to believe his styling, writing and editorial directing was enough talent for one individual, this creative individual – literally belonging to a collective called Individualism – has made a triumphant return to illustration with his fashion illustrations that are almost too good to be true. Known for his sketch of the fashionable duo Art Comes First (ACF) and his recent choice of media, white pencil drawings on black paper, John Jarrett is definitely one to keep an eye on this year for inspiration art. Find more of John’s work at

Last but not least, we are proud to present a the work of a close personal friend and very skilled illustrator Jacky Mao (Instagram: @MrDvd. Despite his modest approach to illustration and his prestigious sketches being hobbie based, this particular artist creates life like sketches that are known to ‘out do’ the originals. With a mixture of illustrations ranging from cars to celebrities, Jacky has earnt his place in this virtual exhibition by producing sketches of iconic figures that grab your attention and leave you debating whether or not the illustration is a sketch or a photo. Take a look at his illustration of music and style icon Michael Jackson and fashion sensation Marilyn Monroe to witness the product of Jacky’s skillset!

Illustrate Project

Thank you for taking time to admire and appreciate some of the best illustrations we believe the internet has to offer. If you believe your illustrators are #FNOmag worthy, feel free to contact us and follow us on Instagram (@FNO_Magazine) and tag us in your work! Feel free to email us examples of your illustrations/illustrators you love via For more fashion and style please feel free to visit our free online publication by clicking on this link

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