Gideon Cudjoe


Art Director | Graphic Designer | Editor in Chief

London, England

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–  New Business Branding
–  Look Book Design
–  Photo Retouch
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–  Artwork & Flyers
–  User Interface Design

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Gideon Cudjoe is a London Based Arts Director, who specialises within the fields of creative design and branding; he has used his design background as a foundation to build a platform for creatives in the form of a digital publication. Through working as a freelancer, Gideon has been able to gain insight into the design industry and has worked with a broad range of clients to nurture his design skills while developing his craft as an Arts Director.

As evident through the elaborate works showcased via the Fashion News Outlet Magazine and the services the business provides, Gideon has proven to be a capable candidate for design and management within and beyond the walls of fashion. Gideon’s spectrum of skills include; branding, logo design, art-working, retouching, package design, UX/UI design, publication & presentation design, copywriting, photography, lookbook design post production, film, music production, design for print and product design. Known for being a jack of all trades, Gideon has applied his skills to various businesses and clients within various disciplines to provide unrivalled services and has a proven track record for his professional standard of work.

Through his freelancing experience he has managed to enhance his skill set and develop his ability to produce industry standard artwork for small businesses as well as some blue chip clients. Having worked as an employee of a fast paced design studio based in Shoreditch, Gideon has experienced both sides of the design world and has thorough experience bringing his client’s dreams to life. His experience working with a diverse set of clients has moulded him into a versatile designer with knowledge he is able and ready to apply to any company or client that requires his services.

Gideon Cudjoe earned his degree in Industrial Design Technology & Engineering at Brunel University. Specialised in Graphic Communication for major in UI & UX design, Gideon was able to broaden his design knowledge for both digital and print graphic design.

Gideon loves to challenge his skills and is open to career prospects that will allow him to gain further experience and apply his inventory of skills to. Although young, He is highly proactive and proficient; Gideon offers a youthful and enthusiastic take to design as he is a keen and avid worker as well as a great team player. Having worked with several creatives, interns and the team behind FNO Magazine, Gideon is confident that he will thrive as an Arts Director for any creative project.

The entire site was designed by Gideon and devloped by Mike Dre. The magazine tab also shows additional design spreads for fashion brands, editorials and in house columns for the Fashion News Outlet brand.


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