The modern man is made of mind, spirit, body, soul and ‘The Garment’. Style attributes character and character makes us who we are. Photographer Uzair Ismail, has captured a collective who embody this notion and live by the way of the garment. While worldwide trends depreciate over time and become mere memories waiting to resurface as vintage apparel, the sartorial style remains appreciated as an acquired taste for the fashionable gentleman.

Though the origins of this particular trend date back to the early 1970’s, tweed suits cut from rough surfaced woollen cloth with a mixture of flecked colours are back in fashion and taking the world by storm. Despite the contemporary twist on sartorial fashion, nothing amounts to the cultivated styling of this sought after aesthetic by the masters of the sartorial style; The Garment Collective.

Nostalgia alert! We’ve already started reminiscing over blazers, shirts, neck ties, tapered trouser, classic spectacles, vintage brogues, knee high socks and the traditional hat. If only we could take a trip back in time to the 20th century. Well we’re saving you the need to build a time machine; ‘If there’s a twill, there’s a way’. Take a virtual trip to Malaysia where photographer Uzair Ismail captures Malaysian style icons with an acquired taste for old English fashion.

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