With such a vast selection of styles to choose from this season, finding what’s right for you can be a daunting task. Following the trends can leave you lost in the multitude of bandwagon jumpers that simply hang onto one trend until they can move onto the next. To keep your individual style and to create a set of unique looks, mixing and matching your own personal style with whatever “the in thing” is, can leave you as less of a 'trend follower' and more of a 'trend creator'. That is why male fashion experts PAUSE magazine have collaborated with FNO magazine in order to bring to you our joint prediction of this seasons autumn-winter trends. We’re leading you to water, but we can’t force you to drink; with the help of Norris x Thrash, world renowned stylists with an impeccable sense of style, we’re bringing you the latest trends that can serve as a canvas for you to further develop your own style; fashion is the clothing, but style is what you make of it. Just when you though collaborating with Pause magazine was big enough, Los Angeles (LA) based stylists Norris x Thrash just made it a whole lot bigger! Known for their quirky sense of style, Norris Ford and Quentin Thrash have been selected by FNO magazine to style and model this issues menswear fashion segment. Have a read of our men's top trends according to Pause Magazine styled by Norris x Thrash.

Fashiomista i9 x FNOutlet

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