NorrisXThrash consists of the fashion stylist duo, Norris Ford and Quentin Thrash. With only such a short time being in the city of Los Angeles, the stylish duo has made a big splash in the LA fashion scene. The two met in LA not long ago and bonded over their love of fashion and putting looks together, starting NorrisXThrash. You will never catch them looking anything less than stellar in their appearance. Styling themselves and others is a natural talent for the two. They get their inspiration from everything around them. They both have a knack for taking clients and making them comfortable with trying something new all while being able to incorporate their existing sense of style.

Norris (Left)
Norris was Born in Athens, Ga., but blessed to be raised in Thomasville, Ga. by his adoptive family, Christine and Edgar Ford. After graduating from Thomasville High School, where he participated in football and track, he enrolled into Savannah State University. He then joined the great organization of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, Inc. during his second year where he held the position Chairman of the social committee.After finishing three years of college with a focus towards business marketing, he decided to peruse a career in modelling, as he worked in Hotel Management at multiple hotel properties.

The art of modelling has always been a part of his life style since the age of 5. As a young boy, he would show off different styles of clothing when visitors would stop by his foster home, where he and his younger sister, Bette` Ford, were seeking a family. He believes his pride and presentation were essential because those visitors would determine his future. Therefore, he made sure he stored creative thoughts in what he believed would attract them the most. The importance of his physical appearance only grew. He received the best dressed award as a superlative by his senior high school class. Receiving that award reminded him of his parents motto, “Always dress to impress, because the first impression is always the last impression.” These series of events have continuously fuelled his ambitions to prepare himself for better opportunities, by moving to city of Los Angeles.

Thrash (Right)
Quentin was born and raised in Georgia, then later moved to Florida where he graduated high school and relocated to Charleston, South Carolina, where he attended college. Not only was this collegiate athlete known for his skills on the football field, but also for his bold, daring sense of style around the city. After college, he proceeded to follow his dream of becoming a celebrity barber by obtaining his barber license and branding himself as one of the only “fashion forward” barbers in town.

This sense of style that he possessed caught the eye of local photographers and modelling agencies throughout Charleston, which launched him into the modelling industry. While styling himself for personal photo‐shoots, he found a new passion for styling others for their shoots as well. Now with all of these accomplishments under his belt, he has moved to Los Angeles, California to truly live out his dream of becoming the celebrity barber/fashion stylist he has always wanted to become.

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