As the gleaming yellow sun emerges from behind the dense set of winter clouds, the summer blues turn to greens and the atmosphere summons a spirit of exuberance which brings to life ‘The Emperor’. While the glow of a full moon awakens creatures of the night, an Emperor is brought to life by the charm of glistening accessories, satin garments, intricate prints and luxurious textures that allude status and power. Though you’re likely to believe these ancient rulers are merely a figment of our imaginations; technological advancements have birthed a new breed of Emperors who are admired and loved by their loyal subjects. We have all stumbled across fashion gurus, exhibiting their style across our favourite social networks; their fans carry a hot wax seal of approval, better known as the ‘like’ button, to confirm their acceptance of their impeccable attire and fascinating sense of style. Fashion News Outlet believe anyone has the power to become a ruler of the fashion realm, but there’s one simple trick; keeping it timeless! Laura McKinnon, responsible for our front cover shoot, and her extraordinary team have taken up the task of recreating an Emperor‘s attire. We believe this is attainable by paying a visit to your favourite vintage boutique to resuscitate some ageless garments and accessories. These immortal pieces have withstood the test of time and managed to remain desirable long after the demise of their trends. Fortunately, you don’t need a time machine to achieve this look; simply go in search of some garments made of silks, sequins, animal prints and compliment it with some dated jewellery, gems and exotic statement pieces. What’s next? Just remember to keep your trends timeless and your style in check as you sit on the exalted throne of an modern day Emperor.


The Emperor x FNOutlet

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