The Gods

Photography by Maximus Parker (Maximus Visual Artistry)

Maximus Parker is an Alabamian born photographer who specialises in both Conceptual and Fine Art photography. Maximus is well renowned for his unique approach to conceptual photography and an ever expanding array of visual artistry depicting extraordinary scenes captured across a series of previously unimaginable parallel realms and realities. Combining limitless imagination with photorealism has made Maximus Visual Artistry one of the pioneers in both modern artistic direction and conceptual fine art photography. This is his editorial based on greek gods and goddesses.

Models: Stavos Fisher, Dean Elliot, Tolyna Baan, Olivia Choi, Evie Wonder
Assistant: Vanessa Martin King
Hair Stylists & MUAs: Fiachra Dubh, Dean Marc, Angel Elliott
Head Pieces: Helena Rose
Dress by: Tarese Klemens  |  Instagram: MaximusMarketable
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