FNO Magazine now has an easy magazine navigation function! The Fashion News Outlet team are always finding new ways enhance your browsing experience. Our User Interface design specialist have been improving the navigation process of our bespoke online magazine to make flicking through our pages easier than ever before! Thanks to our handy web designer, you can press the left and right arrow keys on your computer keyboards to navigate through the pages of our magazine instead of clicking the “Next” and “prev” buttons on the top! If you have a smaller screen or just want to maximise your viewing experience, feel free to switch to Full Screen mode by pressing “F11” on a PC or “Command + Shift + F” on your Mac!

FNO Magazine now has easy navigation

Why limit your experience? If you’re on the way to work, school or even out and about with friends you can still check out what’s going on with FNO Magazine! Our site is compatible with mobile devices and tablets to enable browsing on the go! So there’s no need to wait till you get indoors to check out our magazine. If there’s a page you like, just press and hold to save it and repost to your favourite social media site! Even if you’ve read the entire magazine you can always visit our Media page filled with our favourite picks from your favourite social media sites! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @fno_magazine for daily updates!

We’re always looking for innovative new functions to apply to our interface; if you have any interesting suggestions or spot any bugs on our site, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!


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