Delilah x Topshop | Fashion’s Night Out

London 2012 had the honour of hosting the worlds greatest sporting event, the Olympics! But wait there’s more… The ‘Hackney Weekender’ was undeniably one of the years greatest music festivals… It seems like London are on a roll and the momentum is building up to something even greater; what’s next to impact London! Just when we thought all the excitement was over, London’s ‘Fashion’s Night Out’, presented by Vogue, brought us a whole new reason to get excited about being Londoners!

Topshop (Oxford St), one of the worlds leading retailers for women’s fashion collaborated with none other than the talented singer Delilah. After the recent release of her debut album ‘From the Roots Up’ (available on iTunes), Delilah’s fans and members of the public enjoying and celebrating fashion, came flooding through the doors of Topshop, filing the isles in seconds to support her. Fashion News Outlet were proud to witness this occasion and even received a loving smile from Delilah herself!

Music and fashion are known to go hand in hand, and as much as we love fashion, music makes the world goes round. We love and support Delilahs music and she looked absolutely stunning for her performance. We urge you to support Delilah by following her on twitter; @delilahmusic and visiting her official website; you never know, maybe we might be able to have Delilah feature in the celebrity style column of our magazine; < Have a read!

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