We are all guilty of stalking our favourite celebrities via their Instagram profiles, magazines or through their latest video releases. There’s just something different about these socialites that keeps us curious and eager to see more. For Tiwa Jenyo, founder and creative director of StyleRevo, that “something” was celebrity style. Tiwa’s interest in celebrity style birthed the idea of her brand which strives to become the ’Number one destination for fashion within music’.

StyleRevo offers an interesting insight into the closets of celebrities and socialites through none other but their stylists. Through documenting world renowned stylists, this platform is able to feed the public a dose of reality; what it really takes to style the celebrities we have grown to love. Fashion News Outlet have decided to join forces with Tiwa Jenyo and her team of creatives to find stylists to the stars and bring you some engaging video interviews. Courtesy of StyleRevoTV, our 9th issue’s Celebrity Closets column presents editor and stylist Ugo Mozie.

Ugo Mozie is no stranger to fashion! Besides styling some of musics most recognised names, he has also produced some of the finest editorials for a vast selection of global magazines. Known for styling international superstars such as Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Beyonce Knowles, Larry King, Kelis, Diddy, Dawn Richard and Omarion, Ugo Mozie is noted as one of fashions most prestigious stylists. We’re honoured to have this stylist give us an inside scoop on these celebrity Closets. What are you waiting for? Check out What Ugo had to say in his interview with StyleRevoTv.

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