Iggy Azalea, 23 year old Australian born ‘rappstress’ is taking the hip hop scene by storm. Renowned for her quirky attitude and controversial songs, Iggy is being recognised as an opium for hip hop worldwide. Following the success of her viral videos at the earlier stages of her career, Iggy became the first female and non-American rapper to feature on the XXL annual Top 10 Freshmens cover issue. A star was born; Iggy was bound to bounce to the top. Her undeniable talent and gift of music only serves as part of her extraordinary skill set; Iggy Azalea’s modelling career has allowed her to be portrayed as a fashion icon since being appointed the new face of Levi Jeans as of late 2012. This issue, Fashion News Outlet have chosen Iggy to be our celebrity choice for our ‘Celebrity Closets’ column. Her unique sense of style and ability to pull off a combination of prints with such ease makes Iggy azalea a style influence to this seasons trend. Iggy’s charismatic sense of style, flamboyant attitude and genuine pizazz fuels her promising music career while marketing her as a young and beautiful fashion icon. If you’re a fan of colour, shapes, showing off your curves and you want to tell the world “I’m sexy and I know it”, Iggy Azalea is a great example to follow. Find out more about Iggy at


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