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Marbek is a London-based contemporary casual wear brand operating under a collective approach. The West London movement’s modus operandi is to produce limited capsule collections that explore a different theme with each release. The name Marbek is an anagram of the word embark, because the brand consider their creations to … Read More »

October 9th, 2014


Regardless of your taste in style, a sprinkle of white pepper is enough to change a bland outfit into an enticing work of art. East London based brand, The White Pepper, pride themselves in quirky street wear inspired garments that aren’t only eye-catching but mouth-watering too. The White Pepper have … Read More »

May 13th, 2014


The end of every storm brings a rainbow, and at the end of every rainbow lies a pot of gold. Known for being the rainiest city in Europe, Norway‘s second-largest city Bergen is the focus of this brand forecast. During the bleak winter season while most hid indoors, we braved … Read More »

May 12th, 2014


A well-dressed man is indeed an aphrodisiac so who better to dress him than a woman? Bringing a new form of technicality to menswear, off-the-cuff designer, Nyheke Lambert, in the most ardent way, crafts an alternative structure to formalwear. An amalgam of modernity punctuated by simplistic but irregular twists, there … Read More »

May 11th, 2014


The number eight visually represents the concept of infinity; a continual loop that sees no beginning and knows no end. ‘Unboundedness’ is derived from the Latin translation to this abstract concept, which alludes the lack of bounds or limits; what we perceive as “out of the box”, the ethos of … Read More »

May 11th, 2014


Originally from Ghana, this ambitious designer with an exquisite line of luxury couture has excelled in her journey into fashions history books. Fashion News Outlet can testify that this designers collection has definitely made Black History and is likely to make world history as she prepares to launch her forthcoming … Read More »

March 29th, 2014


There’s another route at the end of every road. While some cannot fathom the reality of make or break decisions, others look ahead and walk the path of discovery in pursuit of their dreams. For this ex-basketball superstar Adrien Sauvage, where the road to his sporting dreams came to an … Read More »

March 29th, 2014
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