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Regardless of your taste in style, a sprinkle of white pepper is enough to change a bland outfit into an enticing work of art. East London based brand, The White Pepper, pride themselves in quirky street wear inspired garments that aren’t only eye-catching but mouth-watering too. The White Pepper have excelled from their humble beginnings on Tumblr, leading to a boutique on ASOS Marketplace, and have now launched their very own online store!

Their oversized collections consists of off-beat dresses, twin-sets and separates; designed to drape off the female form for an easy to wear apparel. The loose fit design, hand-picked and styled by The White Pepper’s very own stylist & designer promises you’ll fit comfortably into the collection and stand out from the crowd.

The casual blend of pastel colours and geometric patterns uplift the collection as the pale yellows and polka dots meet the pleats and wide collars. Designed for a Summer of festivals, holidays and city styling, the relaxed shapes are easily adaptable to beach, bar or occasion wear. As ever, wearable pieces in denim, check and monochrome transcend seasonal boundaries, to become year long wardrobe essentials for unique daily styling.

Although pieces from this exquisite collection work well complimenting each other, you may also preheat your outfit with your favourite vintage pieces before sprinkling a dash of The White Pepper to add a hint of flavour to your outfit. Spruce up your wardrobe by visiting this brand online today! Click the image above to visit their website, or click the thumbnails to shop their latest collection.

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