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Many people probably don’t know who the funk they are. Well, they are Tinned Bananas; a new breed of Women’s fashion. This quirky brand specialises in a range of unusual yet wonderful prints, brought to life through their colourful collection. We warned you that prints were about to take over the world, and Tinned Bananas are front liners with their selection of boldly coloured garments.

What they do here is simple, they innovate and we create weird and wonderful textile designs. Tinned Bananas want to stretch your imagination, so our clothes are made from only super stretchy fabric and their prints are designed with real personality!! This bit is important; “A Tinned Bananas print is unique and different”. The brand tries to capture the creativity that this world so desperately needs. Tinned Bananas welcome you to the print revolution people. Get up, get into it and get involved. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum here Tinned Bananas come!

Tinned Bananas featured in our ‘High Street Heaven’ column, which prides itself in delivering you affordable trends, obtainable from high street stores, stalls or boutiques. If you’re familiar with this section of our magazine, you would have realised that our traditional route of nominating an emerging stylist to style a model with their favourite high street buys, took an alternative route down the yellow paved street that lead to the bonkers world of Tinned bananas. Fashion News Outlet were daring enough to take a trip down this road and we urge you to take your first steps into their world of printed clothing via this bold brand.

This cheeky brand is represents fashion’s canvas when the artist could give a flying monkey about what the judges thought and decided to add a splash of tropical colour and prints to their painting. Take a look at our favourite looks from the Tinned Bananas collection to find out how you can stand out as long as you think inside the… Tin. Take a look at some of the garments on this page to see which pieces Tinned Bananas recommend you to purchase this season. Click the image above to visit the Tinned Bananas website.

If you’re interested in this brand, feel free to contact info@fnomagazine.com or www.tinnedbananas.com

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