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After working with over 100 brands, both emerging and established, Fashion News Outlet have agreed that there is a need to launch our very own Brand Directory where we will list brands that feature within our magazine, as well as brands who we believe deserve the limelight. Through featuring on this brand directory, stylists and other fashion related contacts/businesses are able to browse your page, take a look at your bio/review by our journalists and click an active link to your website to further review your collections. This unique portal will offer insight into your brand and allow customers to see who is on the rise and how they may purchase an item of clothing.

You will also be first pick for complimentary magazine features, free services, offers from our partners and stalls within affiliated marketplaces. With regular mailouts to our database of readers (where you may engage potential customers through competitions and giveaways), social media posts about your brand, opportunities for your brand to be picked by our fashion stylists to style high profile clients and celebrities, and links from your brands page in our directory that allow customers may shop your collection, our brand listing is an excellent way get your brand recognised and gain potential sales. If this interests you, contact us for quotes or inquiries via


You may list your brand as a standard listing where you will be added to our listing, or pay for a featured listing which covers a social media post for your brand and places you nearer to the top of the brand listing directory to give your brand additional exposure. Take a look at our brand directory via this link: to see our exisiting list of brands.


1 Month
Standard – £30.00  |  Premium – £60.00

3 Months*
Standard – £50.00  |  Premium – £100.00

6 Months
Standard – £90.00  |  Premium – £175.00

1 Year
Standard – £150.00  |  Premium – £250.00


Feel free to take a look at an example by clicking on a brand’s logo below.

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